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Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca

Mihail Kogalniceanu Str, no. 1, 400084, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Reader dr. Nicolae HAR

Email: nicolae.har@ubbcluj.ro


University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca

Manastur Street, no. 3-5, 400372, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Prof. dr. Teodor RUSU

E-mail: trusu@usamvcluj.ro


Office for Pedologic and Agrochemical Studies Cluj-Napoca

Fagului Street, no. 1, 400483, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


E-mail: turda75@yahoo.com


Welcome to 2016 ESSC internationale conference …

  • Welcome

    Dear colleagues, The Babeş Bolyai University (BBU), the University of Agriculture Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UASMV) and the Office for Pedological and  Agrochemical Studies (OPAS) from Cluj Napoca, are proud to announce that the 2016  ESSC International Conference will be held in Cluj Napoca, Romania, 15-18 of June, 2016. Following the great success of former ESSC International Congresses and Conferences  scientists from all over the world are invited to participate. The main topic of the conference “Soils – Our Common Future”  stresses the vital interconnection between soil and life, as well as its importance for the future of the human society. We are looking forward to meet you in Cluj Napoca (Romania) and we are sure that this international conference will be a very good opportunity to prove that science and scientist are prepared to face the challenges of human future where the soils in one of the main component. Reader dr. Nicolae HAR Head of the Department of Geology Babeş – Bolyai University, Cluj NapocaRead More »


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