The conference

Soil: Our Common Future

Soil fulfills basic functions for the human society. It satisfies material needs of humans and also stimulates intellectual activity or indulges needs of spiritual well-being.

Regrettably, “homo technologicus”, descendant of homo sapiens, rarely reflects on how much his well-being is fundamentally connected to the soil and other primary environmental resources: he uses but especially abuses such resources, marking every corner of the Earth!

Unfortunately a widespread awareness of the role played by the environmental resources and by the soilis still lacking. Soil is considered a “crypto-resource”, a hidden resource, and, unfortunately, becomes visible in the eyes of the public only after catastrophic events and when failures are evident.

The human society is continuously changing: the boost towards continuous economic growths and rapid technological developments, coupled with the progressive increase of information, often causes considerable and unpredictable changes. A cultural leap is therefore imperative: we all need to consider soils as essential good for humans and life on Earth..

The 2016 ESSC International Conference is a great opportunity for Soil Scientists to stimulate deep reflections on the importance of the soil resource for the humankind. It will be hosted – from 15 to 18 June 2016 – in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), the capital of historical region Transylvania, and one of the most visited cities in Romania. The city is amazing and offers a great experience of the urban Transylvanian life at its best. Along with fine dining, excellent cultural activities, a wonderful historical heritage and a great atmosphere, Cluj-Napoca will certainly not disappoint any visitors.