Abstract submission instructions

Guidelines for submitting an abstract

You are asked to follow these guidelines when submitting an

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abstract for oral or poster presentation:

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  • Abstracts should be no longer than one A4 page in portrait layout
  • The title of the abstract should be as concise as possible and should appear in bold, and centred
  • Co-authors and affiliations below the title in italics. The name of the presenting author should be marked with an asterisk (*)
  • Main body of text to be justify
  • Font Times New Roman 12 pt – Single spacing throughout
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  • References should be listed at the end of the text (please, see below)
  • The use of figures, graphs and schemes is recommended where this aids the understanding of the text
  • Abstracts should be sent as an MS Word email attachment to (contact details) with the subject line ‘ ESSC CONFERENCE NAME abstract’
  • Please include your full address and contact details of the main author and the presenting author in the email and indicate whether you are submitting an oral or a poster presentation

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Listed in alphabetic order. The correct format for references is the following:

  • Article: author(s), year, title, journal (in italics), volume and issue number, inclusive pages


Amelin, Y. (2004). Sm–Nd systematics of zircon. Chemical Geology 211, 375-387.

Cawood, P.A., Buchan, C. (2007). Linking accretionary orogenesis with supercontinent assembly. Earth Science Reviews 82, 217-256.


  • Book: author (s), year, title (in Italics), publisher, whole pages


Jaeger, J. C., Cook, N.G.W., Zimmerman, R.W. (2007). Fundamentals of rock mechanics. Fourth edition. Blackwell Publishing, 475p.


  • Book chapter: author (s), year, Chapter title, in: Editor(s), Book Title (in Italics), publisher, pages


Chi, L., Röthig, C. (2000). Scanning probe microscopy of nanoclusters, in: Wang, Z.L. (Ed.), Characterization of nanophase materials. Wiley-VCH, pp. 133-163.